Is Renting Out Your Garage Legal

Is Renting Out Your Garage Legal

Before You Rent Out Your Garage, Do Your Research

Legalities of Garage Renting

Know the Facts Before Renting Your Garage

We have the ins and outs of what you should know before renting out your garage to tenants.

There’s a lot of talk all over the internet about different ways to make easy money. One of those ways is storage. You see people boasting about all the money they made by renting out their basement or bedroom. They talk about how anyone can get into the storage business and everyone can find storage space for community renting. However, no one took the time to explain where those storage spaces can be and if it’s legal to rent out a storage space like your garage.

Is renting out your garage legal
Is Renting Out Your Garage Legal

In today’s society, there is no limit to earning extra cash. Whether it’s picking up shifts to drive Uber or Lyft, delivering food, or bartending for extra money, the options are endless. Now you can add renting out your garage as a storage unit to the list.

These days, people want to pay for the convenience of storing their things without dealing with commercialized storage unit companies. Renting out garage spaces are more common these days with experienced landlords. However, if you’re just starting out, you may be a bit weary. Renting out your garage space can be a huge help to you, it’ll bring in extra cash flow as well as make use of your garage space.


While renting out your garage can come with little to no issues, there may be a few things you need to check on. If it’s your first time renting out garage space you’ll need to research any laws that may make it difficult to rent out your garage.

Making sure you aren’t violating any laws in your community or even on a local regulation is your first priority. Do your research on the legalities of renting out garage space and make sure nothing will happen to the items being stored inside.

Is Renting Your Garage Legal?

Just because you can rent out your garage space in the state of Ohio with no problem doesn’t mean the same rules apply in another state. If you see other people listing their garages, this doesn’t take away that people didn’t consult with a higher up. Renting out garages is a common practice because a lot of people have hobbies that take up a lot of space. Offer your garage space to serve as their personal storage unit.

With most storage units and garages, you are able to hold whatever you want inside. There are rarely any issues when it comes to renting out a detached garage space. However, before you rent out your garage for short term or long term rentals, you should contact your landlord or HOA Board.

While doing your research, you want to look into the different tenant and landlord laws, if there are any in your local area. There are some landlord and tenant hotline services you can call to check on legal issues with renting out your garage. If you’re renting out your space and don’t run into any issues, you should be in the clear.

However, if you want to put your mind at ease and make sure renters and their items won’t be at risk, you can reach out to a real estate attorney to get advice and proper steps on renting out your garage legally.