Clean Donation
Clean Donation

In just a few months, winter will be coming to a close. The temperatures rise and the rain pours. For those of you in colder parts of America, it is also the time for animals to come out of hibernation and warm up. The end of winter brings spring! Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. The time for spring-cleaning is coming up.

Here are some options for making all of that extra stuff disappear


Donation and Consignment
Donation and Consignment

The first option, donating, is one that can make you feel all fuzzy inside for months to come. It is an opportunity to give back to your community at large. Donations are giving people items that they could not afford on their own. Donating winter clothes in a place with harsh winters can save lives. Homeless people have difficulty getting good quality winter clothes. Poor protection against the cold can risk lives and, at the very least, fingers.

You can donate good quality clothing and furniture to your local charities and to bigger charities like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. However, make sure that you are donating safely. For charities that are less well known, verify their tax-exempt status. Without that status, they do not qualify as a charity.

Remember donation should only be for high quality clothes that may not have been worn at all. We want to make sure that the clothes and furniture are usable for the long term.

Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are a good option for quirky items that you might have. Before you decide to donate to a consignment shop, you must first understand how they work. Basically, you bring in an item and the seller will price the item. The seller will have a 30-60 day period to sell the item. If they sell the item, you get a percentage of the profit. This percentage changes from shop to shop. If they do not sell the item, you take the item home and try it somewhere else.

This option is fitting for those with a lot of interesting and eccentric items that are still high quality. Antiques work wonders in consignment shops. However, with the 30-60 day selling period, this could be a slow moving option. If you have to move items quickly, this might not be the option for you.

Public Storage

Public storage is a common choice for items that we just can’t seem to part with. There are multiple public storage options available to prospective renters. Connecting with public storage is easy. You choose a storage container size that will fit your needs. They have many different container sizes to accommodate renter needs. Once you have chosen the size you need, you can pick from the assorted locations and find a location with a open container of your needed size. Once you have chosen a container location, reserve the spot with a fee, pack up your items and move them into the container. You will have to pay a fee to store the items, which can vary depending on a multitude of factors. While this option is wonderful for those that live close to a storage area, it can be kind of a pain for those that live far away.

Community Storage with Hopperstock

Community storage is very similar to public storage, but you have a bit more control over the location. This kind of storage allows for renters to have their belongings a bit closer to them and build a community at the same time. Hopperstock is a storage service that combines storage hosts with renters. Storage hosts are people within your community that happen to have some extra space in their house or in their driveway. These individuals want to give back to their community by making use of this previously wasted space. Renters are able to rent out that space and use it as a storage unit. These units are more likely to be close to you. This makes it easy to interact with the items for any reason.

People use Hopperstock to store anything from ATVs, camping equipment and surfboards to cars and furniture. Hopperstock has unique storage options for every type of renter.

Hopperstock works just like a public storage facility; only the units can be your neighbor’s guesthouse or your cousin’s driveway. You can build your community with Hopperstock while welcoming in spring.

Spring is about new starts and renewal. Start the new season with building friendships and new bonds within your community while cleansing your house of clutter.

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