Stacy is looking for a new job as a marketing associate.

All of the best jobs are known to be downtown, with horrible parking. She wants that new posh job in the glass skyscraper on the 15th floor, but she would have to take a $60 Lyft each day to get to work. She still needs her car to get groceries and pick her son up from school, so she can’t save money by selling the car. Stacy needs to find a place to store her car during the day.

Alexi has been telling her husband to wait to make large purchases until they have the money to buy a bigger house. However, her husband, Brad, couldn’t wait any longer and decided to treat himself for his 40th birthday. He bought a 15-foot skipper to go trout fishing on the weekends. While she’s happy that he’s happy, this new boat comes with a few issues. The main issue: she now has to find a place to store this boat. They tried to park it on the street in front of their house, but they can only do so for another week or two before the Homeowners Association starts getting a little irritated. Alexi is going to need to find another solution soon.

Couple Backpacking

Jim just found out that his daughter, Stella, and her boyfriend Chad, have decided to backpack through Europe during midterms. The two have been dating for a month and Jim never liked Chad. They are taking two months out of school with less than $1000 between them. Stella asked Jim to sell her car because she thinks they will travel for longer than two months. However, Jim isn’t sure they’ll make it a week. He figures he’ll store the car somewhere and just give her some cash.

Stacy needs a place to park her car while she’s at her new job. Alexi needs to store her husband’s boat when he’s not fishing. Jim needs to store his daughter’s car for an unknown amount of time. Short-term parking, self-boat storage and self-car storage are all common issues that Americans face. We all have large items that have accumulated over the years and we don’t always know where to put them. You can only leave your college car in your parents’ garage for so long.

Stacy, Alexi and Jim have all become aware that they have an issue. Their next step is to look at all the options available to them and how those options align with their needs. Stacy needs short-term parking in a place near her work that’s cost effective Alexi needs long-term storage to store her husband’s boat. She also needs storage with access so her husband can take the boat whenever he likes. Jim needs short to long term parking for his daughter’s car. He doesn’t want to sign any contracts with high termination fees, since he doesn’t know how long his daughter will actually be gone.

The next step is to find those options and the ideal facility for their needs.

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