4 Things to Think About When it Comes to Storage

Motorcycles, boats, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles—for most of us, they are so much more than toys for grown-ups. Our motorized hobbies aren’t even so much about the vehicles themselves, as it is what they do for us and where they take us. They take us away. As far as we’re willing to go. It’s a great life to have. It’s easy to get lost in daydreams about all the lakes, backwoods, and trails to conquer this summer. That’s also why it’s easy to forget about the practical side of vehicle ownership, like where you’re going to store your boat or 4-wheeler when you’re done having fun. Here are some things to think about when you’re ready to store your vehicles.


4-wheelers and motorcycles are expensive, so keep them locked up in a secured space. Some storage units offer amenities like fenced in facilities and security alarms. Research available spots that meet your needs and make you feel comfortable to leave your possessions there. How secure you want your stuff to be is up to you. Maybe a fenced in lot will suit you just fine. Or maybe you’d rather have a more impenetrable lock up garage to rent. Protect your investment by keeping it somewhere safe and let you rest easy without having to worry.

2-Limit Exposure to Weather and Pests

I once knew a guy who stored his pontoon in his back yard at the end of summer. When spring rolled around, he discovered a family of stray cats had made a home in it over the winter. I’m not sure if he ever got rid of the smell. If he had stored his boat somewhere secure, there would obviously had been a limited number of critters that had access to it. Besides animals, weather can wreak havoc on your vehicles. Snow and ice are terrible, but even if you live in a warm and dry climate, dust, debris, and daily sun can destroy your upholstery, engines, and exterior finish. Renting a garage will not only lock out bad weather, but animals looking for a place to sleep too.

3- Neighborhood Covenants & HOA Restrictions

Some neighborhoods and HOA have rules about storing vehicles in your driveway or anywhere else in view of neighbors. In these cases, you won’t have a choice but to store your boat or vehicle in your garage or use someone else’s space to store it. If you have the extra space in your garage, then you’re in luck. If not, or it won’t fit in your garage instead of paying a fortune to store it at the boat launch or in a commercial storage unit, check out Hopperstock and see just how reasonable the prices are to store your boat with a near by peer.

4-Secure Storage Space Sooner Rather than Later

No one wants to think about storage when they would rather be planning their next outdoor adventure. The good news is you probably won’t have to think much about it when the weather’s nice and vacation season is upon us. But summer won’t last forever, and when it’s time to winterize, all the good storage spaces will already be rented. Start planning for next winter now to save yourself the panic and stress later. If you rent a space now, you have the benefit of using it to store all your stuff in between trips all summer long.

Being outside is good for us. Cutting the cord from technology and putting wheels to the ground and exploring parts of nature that you can’t experience from sitting behind a screen at home makes us all better people. Extend the life of your vehicles, and your awesome outdoor adventures by storing your things in a secure and safe place. Check out the Hopperstock Renters page to see how it works.

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