Hopperstock - Top 5 p2p sharing platforms right in Ohio you can start.

These 5 sharing platforms can earn you a good amount of money…

Working in conventional jobs is no longer fashionable. Many young men and women in the Cuyahoga and Geauga counties are launching sharing economy start-ups and making some good and clean money.

P2P = Peer to Peer


If you are wondering about the sharing economy business model, then the idea is really very simple. Companies in this space create a platform which can be real or virtual. Users like me and you take up space on that platform and use it for running our businesses.

The beauty of the p2p model is that you don’t have to create a fresh platform. Making a swanky new platform costs more than millions of dollars and thousands of hours of precious executive time. Then there is no guarantee whether your new model will survive or not. So why get into uncharted territory and face business risk?

Lest you should be wondering about how to use the sharing economy business model, then here is a small tutorial for you.


Hopperstock - Sharing Economy


Imagine you have a spare hosting space in your house, say an extra garage or a few extra rooms. You have an idea about renting this extra space to tourists or office goers. You find the advertising expenses too high for listing your property. So what can you do in such a case?


Enter HopperStock, a storage solutions company that introduces property owners to potential tenants.

The process is fairly simple and all you need to do is just register your name, contact number and a few other details on this Company’s website. Signing up on HopperStock is easy and takes just a few seconds.

Yes, you read it right- just a few seconds.

You can also customize your settings while renting out your extra space. The best part of the whole process is that you can book your property on your own terms.

While you are doing all this on this website, potential tenants are also searching for the right properties. So it would be a smart move for you as a property owner to guess what is going on in the minds of their potential guests. This means that you need to use the right set of keywords while punching in your details. And don’t forget to keep a few nice images of your property ready. It is probable that the website might ask for some decent images for a reference check. This peer to peer rental model is quite a rage these days and helps everybody in the ecosystem like the property owners and the tenants.


If you don’t want to give your storage space for a long-term rental, then consider signing up on Airbnb. This world famous company, headquartered in the United States, lets hosts give their extra rooms on rent to short-term travelers. You get good rentals in the bargain and if your customer is a good soul, then she will leave a positive comment for your listing on the Airbnb portal. Jokes apart, your property should be neat and pretty and preferably in the vicinity of a bus or a railway station. Customers also look out for home-like experiences from their Airbnb hosts.


Another company in the sharing economy business model is Uber. Signing up as an Uber business partner is easy. This process requires that you must have a mobile phone connection and the right documents for your car. Check with Uber whether you need to submit a commercial car driving license. Uber works for all those who want to use their cars as profit centers.


Similar to Uber is another company called Lyft. Check out the business model of this Uber rival. Chances are that you may find its terms and conditions better than Uber’s.


Have you heard about Regus? If not then have a look at this co-working space company. The business model of Regus is similar to HopperStock’s except that the former lets you rent out your spare rooms to start-ups and small businesses. This makes excellent business sense for property owners who want an ever running business stream. You can have more than two small businesses use your space for decent rentals. You can finalize your rental by looking around in the market and analyzing your competitors.

Before we sign off, let us give you a piece of advice. Your customers will love you back only if you give them excellent service. The shared service economy is all about giving the human touch after all.


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