The Christmas season can bring a lot of mixed emotions for adults living paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet. When you’re a single parent with little ones depending on you to make Christmas happen, the last few weeks of the year can be an anxiety-filled nightmare rather than a sugarplum-filled dream. This single mom figured out how to pay for Christmas by doing one simple thing:

This cash-strapped single mom figured out a way to make the holidays a little easier. Her garage is helping her pay for Christmas this year.

Meet Michelle (name changed for privacy), a single mom living in Cleveland. In the past, she took on extra part-time jobs to help pay for all the added December expenses. In addition to her regular eight-to-four day job, she spent most of her nights and weekends picking up extra seasonal retail work. Even though the added income was good, she ultimately needed to hire a babysitter to watch her two young kids while she was out of the house, which, as it turned out, was most of the time. Once school let out for the holiday break, her childcare needs increased even more. Some days required her to hire twelve hours of daycare to close the gap. “I felt like I was never home,” she said, “Plus, with a lot of the money going straight to the babysitter, I didn’t feel like I was making much headway. It wasn’t worth it.”

“Having presents under the tree is definitely nice, but me being home with the kids is even better. Now I can do both.”

Through a friend, she learned about becoming a storage host at Hopperstock. As a homeowner, she had a garage that she decided she could yield to someone else who needed the storage. In her case, she ended up renting it to a guy looking for a covered dry space close to his home where he could store his boat for winter. They made a deal, helped each other out, and now they’re both happy.

The process of renting out the garage was surprisingly easy. “Basically, all I did was move my car to the alley behind my house,” she said. “Then I put it up on the site and that was it. I had people asking about it within a couple of weeks.” Sure, she now has to take a few extra minutes to scrape off the ice on the windshield in the morning before she goes to work, but it’s it’s a small price to pay for the piece of mind she now has.

Michelle can get a little emotional describing how beneficial the arrangement has been. “It’s been so much easier, so much better,” she said. “It might sound corny, but Christmas is supposed to be a time for family being together. I mean, having presents under the tree is definitely nice,” she laughs, “but me being home with the kids is even better. Now I can do both.”

If you want to learn how to put your garage, basement, shed, or driveway to work as Michelle did, check out the Hopperstock inquiry page to see how you can earn some extra income this Christmas and beyond.

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