There’s a saying that if you love what you are doing, you don’t work for even a day. While many people in this world might have experienced this at least sometime in their life, not all of us are in the best jobs and even jobs that we wanted. Some took up a job because they had to eke an earning out, others did it because they didn’t want to handle the social pressure – so on and so forth. But like death and taxes, there’s another thing that catches up with everyone – the monotony of a mainstream job and the desire to call it a day.So, while everyone does feel the pangs of unwanted employment, not everyone can stage a dramatic walkout of their office.  Why’s that? Because of their financial condition. How much ever one hates their job, they can’t deny that the money that comes in from their day in and day out matters. Before you quit job, you should have a list of good paying jobs.  So, does a utopia exist where a person doesn’t go to an office to work and still not ask the question how to make money? Well, the answer is yes, if that person has real estate. That real estate could either be a spare room or just some sitting space in a big house. All you need is basically space that you can call your own and make some structural changes. Mostly, such space would be turned into a sitting space, with furniture for a computer or a laptop. Read on as we elaborate to get a good paying job.

Here some good options if you want a good paying job in Ohio

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Freelance consulting is becoming quite lucrative nowadays with the advent of the internet. Gone are the days when freelancers had to rely on a local bulletin or word of mouth or local businesses to begin working freelance.  So, with an international market opening for the skills and expertise that you have gained since years, it makes sense to start freelancing.

Whether you are freelancing as a writer, a graphics designer or a business development manager, you will require that one crucial thing – a space to call your own.  Because while freelancing in itself is simple, one needs to maintain the tempo.

An expert freelancer will tell you that one of the moot requirements to have a successful freelancing business is to have a designated workplace – whether it is a small rental office or a spare space in your house. If you are living in places like Lake County, Cuyahoga County and Geauga County, it’s possible that you have a spare room in the spacious real estate that you have at your disposal. All you’d need to do is set up a small workspace in your house. So, if you have real estate, you are good to go into the world of freelancing.


Most might frown at this, but interning is a great way to earn money and learn a new skill and trade.  Some interning opportunities give out a stipend and allow you to work from home. These are basically non-critical jobs that are given out to people who are just starting out. Allowing an intern to work from home make sense to the company because they save on giving out space and inventory to an intern.  Some websites now offer information exclusively about the interning opportunities in your local area and in niches that you’d be interested in.

Rent to a startup

After a few years in the dog-eat-dog world, you might be feeling a bit holistic and would like to help budding entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs are looking out for someone who’d not be as predatory as other landlords are – and looking to settle down their startups on the rental land of such landlords. In fact, you could even help them by coming in a stakeholder and not the traditional landlord. This will ensure that you are an equal partner in their journey. You never know where this could go ahead – but at least you have now scratched your entrepreneurial itch. A startup can be a small scale business.  So, even if you don’t know how to start a business, you have excellent support.

Renting storage places

One other option that’s available – and is the most hassle-free is renting storage spaces in your house. This business works for you, whether you have a spare area in your house or a spare room in your house. Several startups and even franchises are looking for storage space in areas like yours. Some websites provide you information about the various options available in your local area when it comes to storage space requirements.

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These are some options to make money even if you are unemployed. Being unemployed is no longer a curse. You can even have financial freedom while you are unemployed, as you already have a steady financial support now.

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