Do you have that strong urge to help people and in the process make money also?

While helping others is no doubt a noble intention, it is equally important to have some moolah also come to your bank account. Remember, you are not just responsible to your inner conscience, you also have a lot of explaining to do to your wife/ husband and kids.

Fortunately, there are several jobs that help people in not just making money but also making them feel better. Let’s have a look at some of the careers that help people and in the process make them rich too.

The good juju helping others list right here!

Rent out your spare room

Many people from the Eastern seaboard visit Ohio to enjoy its natural habitat. It is estimated that roughly 70 percent of this number of inbound tourists visits Lake County and spend 2 months there.

Do you sense an opportunity here?

These travelers don’t want to put up in the expensive lodges and inns and would much rather live with the local communities. So, can you help them in their endeavor Why don’t you offer your spare room to these traveling folks?

All you have to do is just list your property on local websites and wait for your phones to ring. Putting ads in the local newspapers may be a tad expensive in comparison with website listings. And if you are thinking that listing would be a tedious process, then relax. You just need to fill up your details, some good looking photographs of your property and you are good to go.

Many websites do some extra hard work for you. They even vet all the incoming queries for you. For example, if a travelling salesman from New York wants to stay with you and contacts you via a website, you immediately get to know how safe he or she is as a potential tenant.

You would agree with us then that renting out your premises is one of those careers that help people and help you as well.

Join the Start Up surge

More number of young people are starting their careers by launching their start-ups. These entrepreneurial ventures largely center on technology and require heavy funding. When we talk about technology, essentially it is about that stuff which is related to computers.

These young lads want to save money on unnecessary things like having their own offices. So how can you help these Mark Zukerbergs in the making?

It is quite simple – you can let out your spare rooms to them in consideration for rent. Many young people from Ohio based universities say that getting inexpensive office accommodation for their start-ups is the number one priority.

You can also make money by sharing the risks and benefits of these entrepreneurs. This means that while you don’t charge any rent from these small businessmen, you will take a certain share of the profits that they make in future. Does it sound like a smart idea?

Not for Profit

The concept of people helping people is no doubt noble but how can good Samaritans continue with their good work in the absence of funding?

One way to achieve your objective is to register your not-for-profit organization. This registration requires that you have an office. Do you get the picture now?

So if you know some good souls who are looking out for inexpensive premises for their office, you can step in and help them in their endeavour. Funding will follow from corporates and the government once the donors are convinced about the authenticity of this no-for-profit organization.

Alternately, if you are launching a social start up of your own, then your spare storage space can be a launching pad in this direction. So go ahead, and do what you love doing the most-helping people.

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Gigs and social events

One way of helping others is to let your spare rooms or garage be used by struggling artistes. Who knows that one of them may later turn out to be a global phenomenon? Many property owners in Ohio are helping budding artistes this way and in the process making some cool money too. However, before you embark on this step, make sure that you are adhering to all the legal rules.

So there we are finally, folks. It is good to help others but better to help ourselves also in the process. Gather good karma by helping others and lead a more fulfilling life.

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