Do you have unused space and you are asking yourself many questions about how you can use them? It always happens to find yourself with many rooms even without that clear understanding of how you constructed them.

In this post, I will take you through simple ways that will help you to turn your unused space into rooms that you need. There is no need for having many rooms that are left unused when you can actually turn them around and earn extra income from them.

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Unused space

Unused space

Dining room

Unused space

From the garage to a comfortable dining room

It has now become a clear phenomenon that the model of the structure you start with is not the same model that you will end up with. For example in my neighborhood, a garage revolution evolved from a simple playground for their kids then to their dining room now to a theater room.

You too can change the model of your garage to a very comfy dining room. You can do this by replacing the overhead doors with a wall unit, put the ceiling and then you can finish by adding wallboard. After everything is done you can then put in tables and chairs to sit on during dinner or any other meals.

From an unused space into a home office

There are many people who carry their businesses from there and still, they are very successful. You too can do this and have your office constructed at the comfort of your home. There is no need of wasting fuel to and fro to where you work from when you can actually have your office at your home.

Let us say that the extra room you have is a store and you don’t use it anymore. What you should do is to renovate it with a beautiful color on both walls then put your desk in it and start. Think of anything that you might need depending on the kind of business or work you do then put them in an orderly manner so that it looks same or even more than the office that you used to have before.

Home office

Unused space

a movie theater

Unused space

From unused basement space into a movie theater

I  myself used to have a very big basement space and I used to wonder what I could do with it. Since I am that kind of a person who likes watching series and games, I decided to modify my basement so that I can have a spacious place where my family and I would enjoy watching.

You can as well do this when you are thinking of how you will make your family happy. Just look for a very well experienced designer who will do it for you within no time.

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