There are major benefits to for anyone to use our Peer to Peer Storage Marketplace to rent out their parking space or unused space to others.

The first reason people choose to use our p2p platform is because we create a win-win for everyone in our community.

Storage Hosts rent out their parking space, garage, basement, attic or any space they have available and earn quick cash weekly, while the renter saves a tremendous amount of money and gets to store their belongings inside a trustworthy safe, reliable space.

We have found most storage hosts like to rent out their space to others is to help make ends meet by paying their cell phone bill, or their mortgage, or simply save for a vacation. If they have extra space they are not using, why not make some money from it?

The reason people who rent through our Peer to Peer Storage Marketplace is because they find it is a lot easier to simply input a zip code, find a highly reviewed storage host and rent out their unit and save over 50% week after week, month and month with NO CONTRACT!

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