So You Want To Learn More about Legit Gig Economy Jobs & See What a Storage Host Is?

Let Us Introduce You To a Great Opportunity of Becoming a Storage Host and Learn About a Legit Online Part Time Job!

This is something that has been taking the internet by storm because of it’s simplicity and the fact there is little to no work for you to get set up. In fact the set up takes no longer than 5 minutes. We are showing you how you can become a Storage Host for HopperStock.Com and rent out your unused space at home to people who need the space and earn money weekly.

To be very clear, this is not something you will replace your current job or income unless you have a good amount of extra space such as a warehouse, but you can earn a few thousand each year doing this without investing in anything.

HopperStock has Legit Gig Economy Jobs. Find Out Here
HopperStock has Legit Gig Economy Jobs. Find Out Here

What Is a Storage Host and How Is It a Gig Economy Job?

A Storage Host is someone who uses their own space at home to rent out to other people who can use the space to store their belongings. Think of the AIRBNB business where they allow homeowners to rent out unused bedrooms, full homes etc… on their platform to people who would like to temporarily stay there. This is the exact type of business model HopperStock uses to create Gig Economy Jobs for people just like you, except you do not have to deal with people living in your home. You are just simply using space you do not need at home such as a garage, basement, attic etc… and allowing people to store their boxes, car, boat etc… for a temporary time.

A Legit Online Part Time Job as a Storage Host with HopperStock.Com
A Legit Online Part Time Job as a Storage Host with HopperStock.Com

How Do I Get Started and What Is The Cost?

Getting started is very easy and the cost is a simple $0. The very first thing you want to do is go here and register for a 100% free for life profile or scroll to the top and click the menu and click registration. The next page you will see, make sure you click storage host. The platform will then take you to a page after you log back in to add your first unit which is also 100% free to add. We highly recommend using a photo when adding your unit as we found out spaces listed rent out 66% more than spaced without photos. This is more than likely because the renters when searching on the platform, they can see what your unit looks like and can imagine their items in your space easer! Now here is the only real catch! HopperStock.Com makes 15% off of each space that is rented out. Meaning you still pay absolutely nothing unless someone rents out your space. HopperStock will pay you 3 days after the renter places their items inside your shared space and remove 15% from that total price.

Some Quick Info
When you list your unit, you get to choose the weekly price to charge, you get to pick the amenities and even the type of storage you want inside your unused space. The last big tip, just like we discussed previously, we highly recommend you get at least one good photo of your extra space as it rents out way quicker.

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