Time to recap the storage friends:

Stacy needs a place to park her car during the day.
Alexi needs to store her husband’s brand new boat.
Jim needs to store his daughter’s car for an undetermined amount of time.

All of the storage friends have varying needs that must be fulfilled:

Stacy’s short term parking issue brings many options into play. The main factors that Stacy needs to look for when searching for a short term parking area are safety, distance from work and price. The area needs to be safe in order for her to feel comfortable leaving her valuable car. Stacy needs to look for facilities that are vetted in terms of safety and are in safe neighborhoods. Distance from work is another major factor because the facility needs to be close enough to her job to justify the cost of short-term parking. It does not make sense to pay for a short-term parking spot if it takes a $20 Uber to get from the facility to work. It also wouldn’t make sense if it took two hours to walk to her job. This comes in close connection with the price factor. The cost of the contract must make sense for her budget and time.

Dry storage

Alexi and Brad have much to discuss when it comes to determining options for storing their boat. The first decision is between wet and dry storing. The couple must decide if they want to store their boat in the water or in a garage. This decision normally comes down to proximity of docks and cost. The weather can be a factor as well; living in an area plagued with stormy weather can deter wet storage. West Marine outlines a few more factors must be considered with dry storage. Aside from boat maintenance, the couple can look at boat stacking. Some facilities will prepare the boat for storage as an extra cost and some others allow customers to self-prep the boat.

As for Jim, there are many options when it comes to long term parking, or parking for an undetermined amount of time. Wheels.ca says that the ideal facility for long-term parking is a dry, dark place that has a concrete floor. The area also needs to be free of pests and excessive moisture. Pests can wreak havoc on the undercarriage of the vehicle over time. Moisture can rust parts of the car, leaving it unusable when the contract is up. Dark facilities protect the vehicle from light damage. Carfax gives more information on how to care for the vehicle prior to storage.

Looking at storage options can be a daunting task. Whether you’re storing a boat or an RV, each decision is full of varying factors. Some companies only offer broad services; others offer unique storage options, such as ATV or snowboards. Not all storage options offer the right conditions for your classic car. The problem of the renter is to find the right fit with the right storage host.

The next step is the make the decision.

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