Community Storage
Community Storage

Hopperstock is a unique service that caters to all types of people. We create more opportunities for you to benefit from your community. However, just like most things in life, Hopperstock isn’t for everybody. So who is it for?

Before we can tell you who would benefit most from Hopperstock, we need to take a second to explain Hopperstock and why it exists. Hopperstock is a service where we pair storage hosts with renters. We are creating the concept of community storage. Storage hosts are people in your community that have extra space in their homes or on their property. We help them rent out those spaces to renters. Renters can store anything their minds can think of, including cars, ATVs, RVs, boats, furniture, and much more.

This service can be a help to many, but not all. Here are some wonderful types of people that would benefit greatly from working with Hopperstock:

1. Adventurers of All Kinds

Community Storage
Community Storage

The first group that would fit wonderfully in the Hopperstock community is adventurers. These are the people that see the adventure in every second of life. They take off to different parts of the world and drink up life like they’re dying of thirst. People in this group love to experience life in all of its forms. In switching between adventures, the need to quickly store items comes up often. They need to store cars, RVs, ATVs or even furniture. Community storage would help them reach new places with more freedom.

2. Military members and their families

Military members and families know the world of constant change. Deployments and base changes are a common occurrence. They may not have time to get everything in order before they have to make a big move. Items might suddenly need to be stored or removed from storage. Our servicemen need options that will respond quickly and efficiently to their needs. Community storage can quickly find a new temporary home for their cherished belongings.

3. Families with College Students

College students need to make moves quickly, but not always permanently. Families in this group can experience Hopperstock two-fold. They can use Hopperstock to store items that their beloved college student has left behind. They can also become storage hosts as they rent out the extra space to renters and their needs. The flexibility of Hopperstock is a great benefit to families with college students.

4. Anyone with extra space

Regardless of how you came upon the extra space, that space can benefit you. People who sold their last cow and now have to deal with an empty barn can become storage hosts. Parents who have become empty nesters but don’t want to move to another home can also benefit from Hopperstock. If you have space and are willing to prepare it for storage, you can create community storage.

Hopperstock can be for multiple groups of people and some of those may not have been covered in this list. It can be hard to cover the vast array of people that can benefit from community storage. However, it comes down to this: If you are a person that has extra space or needs stuff to rent, check out Hopperstock.

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