Stacy needs short term parking.

Alexi and her husband need dry boat storage.

Jim needs long term parking for his daughter’s car.

All of these storage situations vary greatly.

The solution for these issues would be one that offers short-term parking, boat storage and long term car storage. This service would have storage facilities align with the characteristics of a perfect storage area. These facilities would be inspected for climate, pests and overall storage condition.

Out of all the services that are offered, there is only one that is able to cater to the needs of all of these storage situations and exceed their expectations.

This solution is Hopperstock.

Hopperstock is a service that partners renters and storage hosts together. Storage hosts are ordinary people that have some extra space in their home, garage or storage unit. These individuals want to give back to their communities by letting others make use of their space. While the hosts feel a little better about making use of every space available, renters are able to rest easy with their items stored safely. A renter can choose from many different types of spaces for many different uses.

Hopperstock vets out these spaces to make sure that they will be optimal storage spaces for any item. Before an individual can become a storage host, Hopperstock will send out a trained inspector to assess the area for ideal storage attributes. A renter can feel assured that their items are safe.

Stacy can take a page out of Steve’s book and choose someone’s garage near her job as a short term parking area. Steve is a young graphic designer in a bustling downtown area. He used Hopperstock to find a place to park his car. He had this to say about the experience:

“The parking around my job is absolutely horrendous. By 8am, the only parking spots are 10 miles away and you need to get an Uber to work anyway! Hopperstock helped me find a short term parking spot a 5-minute walk from my job and I’ve never been happier! I love Hopperstock!”

Boat storage is another area where Hopperstock can help renters. Rachel regularly uses our service to wet store her boat for the winter.

“I fish during the summer but can’t stand the Maryland winters! Hopperstock helped me to find a low cost dock less than ten miles from my house. My storage host is wonderful, he always has a hot cup of cocoa for me when I drop off my boat.”

Long-term parking is a common storage need. Many renters want to store their classic cars or sports car for the winter and they don’t always have a ready storage facility near their homes or within a good price range. We have multiple storage hosts ready across the United States to help renters like Jim and many more.

Hopperstock isn’t limited to cars and boats; we offer unique storage facilities and options for every kind of adventurer. Renters can store their RVs, ATVs, snowboards, camping equipment and so much more.

If you have items to store, we can find a space to store them.

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